We understand that the environment in which we work are high risk and often complex, with this in mind we continually strive to ensure the safety and welfare of our people, those who work with us and the communities in which we operate.

We have detailed policies and robust safety training programs in place to ensure that our people are fully conversant with safe working practices with regard to hazards on and off site.

We incept stringent measures to ensure that our people are fully informed on Health and Safety risks for their specific roles and that they are competent to work safely and understand what is expected of them.

Equally we expect our suppliers and those with whom we work with to uphold the same robust safety standard. We monitor these by way of supplier questionnaires and regular reviews.

We consistently aim to build a safety first culture amongst our workforce by communicating and engaging safety campaigns across the business as part of our commitment to providing safe working environments, driving positive behavioural change towards Health and Safety both on and off site.